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Joseph "D" Hamel

10750 W. 143 Street Suite 53 Orland Park IL 60462
Phone (708) 301-3369 Email hsingredients@comcast.net


Oil Plus Food Products is a dealer in refined edible fats and oils.  

We specialize in hi-oleic SUNFLOWER Oil, SAFFLOWER Oil, and CANOLA Oil.

Packed in 50 # Boxes, 55 Gallon Drums, 2000 # Totes, or Tank Trucks

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We also handle organic oils, expeller pressed oils,  non-GMO oils and stable ZERO TRANS fats and oils.

Oil Plus Food Products has oil available for any industrial food use: SOY, COTTON, CORN, etc.


Please call or EMAIL us today regarding Products, Price and Delivery!

For additional industrial food ingredients: H&S Ingredients Corp.